7 Reasons for a Google Business View

7 Reasons to get a Google Business View 'see inside' tour. Google Business View offer the chance to increase businesses visibility on the Google Searches platforms. Here are 7 reasons why every business with a physical location will benefit from a Google Business View tour.


1 Search Engine Info Panel

Once the virtual tour has been taken and published by a Google trusted photographer (such as Virtual Tours North West) the info panel 'searchers' see when googling your company is updated to show the 'see inside' tour


Google Business View Info Panel


2 Enhanced Google+ page

Google+ page will be enhanced with the 'see inside' image added.  Google + is here to stay and Google have and are investing heavily on making it work.  Get a great Google + page and use it to its full potential and your SEO results will improve.  Adding the 'see inside' tour gives customers more confidence in your business.

Google+ info panel


3 Google Local

To build customer confidence you need to demostrate to customers that you are areal business with real people and real premises. Searching for a business on Google local and the 'see inside' panel is displayed inviting customers into your business, giving customers that confidence they need.

Google ipad info panel


4 Google Maps

With over a billion users each month of Google maps, it is being used more and more as a search engine.  By enhancing your search presence on Google maps it makes your business more attractive to customers.

Google maps street view


5 Embed on your Website

The Google Business View 'see inside' tour can also easily be added to any website.  The tour can be customised to start anywhere you like and embedded with full interactivity , great for showcasing your business and adding to the customer engagement.

View Larger Map



6 Embed the Google Business View 'see inside' tour on to Your Facebook page

The Google Business view 'see inside' tour can easily be added to your facebook page in a tab, a great way to enhance your social media presence and a real talking point for customer engagement.

Business View Facebook


7 Marketing Photos Included

When a Google Business View tour is taken you also get at least 10 marketing photographs that can be used for your own marketing campaigns, these can also be seen at the foot of  the 'see inside' tour.  Virtual Tours North West usually takes more than the mandatory 10 shots, giving even more reasons to get a Google Business View 'see inside. Tour.



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