How to add a Business View 'see inside' to your Facebook Page

Once you have had a virtual tour completed and it has been published on the Google servers, you may wish to add it to your facebook page. The guide below is how to add the Google Business view virtual tour, sometimes known as the 'see inside' tour. The tour is added to tabs on the facebook page, once the tab is selected the tour is shown embedded in the facebook page with full functionality

How to add the Google Business View 'see inside' tour to your own website.

  • How to add the Google Business 'see inside' virtual tour into your facebook page. steps;
  • Create a suitable thumbnail from the virtual tour
  • Install Woobox from profile page
  • Get iframe link from google maps 'see inside', in classic view.
  • Paste code into Woobox.
  • Add thumbnail pic in Woobox
  • Add suitable text for Virtual tour to display.
  • Add sharing options.
  • Check your facebook page
  • Your Done! :-)
  • Help via

    To add yourtour to a website, see the video here >> Add a Google Business View 'see inside' tour to your website


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