Giggleswick Chapel

Giggleswick Chapel

This virtual Tour of Giggleswick chapel was taken by Virtual Tours North West with the kind permission from Giggleswick school.. Giggleswick chapel was built in 1897 it was designed by the architect TG Jackson and given as a gift to Giggleswick school by Walter Morrison. Giggleswick chapel was built to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. Giggleswick chapel took 4 year to complete and opened its doors in 1901. The chapel had an extensive restoration costing £800,000 between 1994 and 2001. Giggleswick school is a magnificent building set on the hillside above Settle in the pretty Yorkshire Dales. You can see the interior of the chapel by pre-arrangement with Giggleswick School, and obtaining the key from the reception at Giggleswick School.

The virtual tour was taken at Giggleswick chapel in October 2014. The virtual tour was taken using HDR photography (High Dynamic Range). This was taken using a Nikon DSLR camera and a Sigma fisheye lense. Each pano (scene) is 12 photographs merged and joined together to make the full spherical image, each joined and merged image is then tweaked in Lightroom to make sure the images are bright and clear. No flash or studio lighting is used as this can dampen colours and cause unwanted dark/light spots when using 360 degree photography. This an example tour used for the marketing Virtual Tours North West, the tours can be taken at any business with a physical location whether it be big or small (a one room apartment or a magnificent church or stately home)

The tour of the chapel starts with a still image with a hotspot added to enter the tour of Giggleswick chapel. The tour shows the magnificent decoration within the chapel. Once the tour starts the first scene is the entrance vestibule, the tour then leads into the main chapel. From here you can move from scene to scene using the hotspots added. There is also a still images added of the Dome scene, this can be viewed by clicking on the hotspot which can be seen by panning upwards to the Dome. Click on the hotspot icon and the picture of the Dome can be zoomed in to see the fine detail. You can download the guide to the chapel to use with the tour and learn more about the magnificent Giggleswick Chapel from this hyperlink >> Guide to Giggleswick chapel


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